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Rock County Chiropractic Mission

It is our goal at Rock County Chiropractic to help you reach your health goals.  We will strive to help you overcome your condition and return you to your normal state of health allowing you to function at your best.

This mission will be achieved by:

  • Performing an exam, obtaining a comprehensive history to better identify the problem, and properly diagnose the condition.
  • Explaining while educating the patient of their condition, treatment options, and the benefit Chiropractic care will have in the overall health of their lives.
  • I will always recommend what is in the best interest of the patient but ultimately work with the patient to meet their health goals.
  • If we are unable to meet the health goals, we will refer you to some one who can; whether it is another Chiropractor or Medical doctor, the patient will be referred and co-managed.
  • A friendly smile and warm welcome with a helpful attitude and determination to get questions answered and problems solved. 
  • Financial plans and insurance will be the responsibility of the staff with the doctor making treatment decisions based on patient needs.
  • The doctor and staff will represent the profession in the highest manner both within and outside of the office along with having a positive influence on the community.  They will be involved in the community through volunteer organizations, charity, church and civic leadership.

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